Long time no see.

Our team have been super occupied ever since we introduced AMG VR PROJECT.

We are working on numbers of awesome projects, and this is one of the results.

The project goal is achieving the best quality of real-time VR.

This project can run by and NVIDIA GEFORCE 970 which is the minimum requirement of Occulus Rift.

These are screenshots directly captured from UE4 viewport

We paid special attentions to interiors. Making the specific materials that make up the interior to the finest was the goal.

When the user (client) wears HMD and experience the content, we wanted to deliver experience that was realistic as possible.

The content includes 4 different backgrounds and also a car that user can modify colors and also enjoy all the other functional aspect of the vehicle.

Technically it was upgraded so the actual driving is possible.

We dearly hope this content will be used in various ways.

Thanks for all the work!